Light Saber Figthing Forms

Light Saber fighting types

  • Form I: Shii-Cho
    The “disarming slash” in practice.
Disarming Slash: A strike directed at the opponent’s weapon in an attempt to rip it out of their grasp or destroy it.35 Sarlacc Sweep: A wide sweeping attack in which the duelist struck against multiple enemies.35
  • Form II: Makashi
Contentious Opportunity: A tactic based upon recognizing and exploiting an opening in the opponent’s defense before swiftly moving to strike the exposed enemy.35 Makashi Riposte: A defensive technique where the duelist slightly alters the angle of an opponent’s attack before quickly retaliating with a counter strike.35
  • Form III: Soresu
Circle of Shelter: A technique where the duelist creates a protected area around themselves and their allies, making it difficult for enemies to penetrate.35 Deflecting Slash: A technique where the duelist redirects the momentum generated by deflecting an enemy projectile into a slashing attack at an adjacent target.35
  • Form IV: Ataru
Hawk-Bat Swoop: Was intended to allow a combatant to quickly strike their opponent without giving them a chance to react.35 Saber Swarm: Numerous short strikes were aimed at the adversary.35
  • Form V: Shien / Djem So
Barrier of Blades: Defended the user from blasterfire and redirected some of the incoming blasts.35 Falling Avalanche: An overhand power blow that crashed down upon an opponent with incredible force.35 Fluid Riposte: A smooth transition from parrying an attack to a counterstrike.35 Shien Deflection: Simultaneously deflect weapons fire and leap towards an opponent.35
  • Form VI: Niman
    A Selkath Jedi applying the “pushing slash” technique.
Draw Closer: It consisted of the duelist telekinetically seizing an opponent and pulling the enemy into the path of his/her blade.35 Pushing Slash: The duelist would slash an opponent before blasting him aside with a Force push.35
  • Form VII: Juyo / Vaapad
Assured Strike: Trading sheer power for a near-certainty of landing a hit.35 Vornskr’s Ferocity: Involved “ferocious” attacking of an opponent.35 Swift Flank: The user leaped or dashed around an opponent to make a quick strike. The speed of the maneuver was intended to catch opponents off guard.35 Tempered Aggression: Used to describe the ferocity of the Vaapad form, but with more control against succumbing to the dark side even in the heat of battle.35
  • Sokan
High Ground Defense: Usually involves environment, combatants made use of large amounts of terrain, trying to maneuver their opponents into vulnerable areas during the course of battles that involved Sokan techniques.35 Unhindered Charge: Rapid movement towards the opponent, ignoring difficult terrain and obstacles.35
  • Niman/Jar’Kai
    A Gand Jedi implementing the “Twin Strike”.
Twin Strike: A duel-wielding strike that the character simultaneously swings both lightsabers to act as a strong-attack. Both lightsabers meet the target or object.35 Rising Whirlwhind: A duelist swings his lightsabers about his body, creating a brilliant whirlwind.35
  • TrĂ kata
Pass The Blade: The duelist deactivated his blade as he attacks, bypassing the opponent’s block before igniting it into the hapless foe.35 Unbalancing Block: The duelist caught the opponent’s blade with his own before momentarily deactivating it, causing the opponent to stumble and leave himself open.35
  • Trispzest
Spinning attack: The flying duelist would hover in one spot and spin wildly, lashing out at multiple opponents.

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Light Saber Figthing Forms

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