A71 Assassin Droid "Oura"

Ni'eeis' Retainer


A71 Assassin Droid “Oura.” Oura carries a blaster at his left shoulder, but this serves as a backup to his other armaments. He carries a fixed blaster under each wrist, including a variety of weapons—flechette and sonic detonator launcher, flamethrower, hard-sound gun, hand-held tractor beam projector, retractable finger-blades, and a vibroblade. Oura has reflective body plating that can deflect blaster fire. He also has quad photoreceptors. Oura has also been fitted with a vocabulator and can translate 2,000,000 forms of communication. Oura has been infused with the Mechu-Deru power of the dark side foci.

Intelligence:3 Wits:3 Resolve:2 Strength:3 Dexterity:3
Stamina:2 Presence:2 Manipulation:2 Composure:2


A71 Assassin Droid "Oura"

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