Zona Luka

Commander of the Golden Armada


Zona Luka was a female Vultan Jedi Knight who was active during the Great Sith War. She was trained in the Jedi ways by the respected Jedi Master Dominus, who considered Luka his dearest student. In 3,996 BBY, Luka and a group of fellow Knights were visited on the library-world of Ossus by the Jedi Exar Kun, who claimed to be the keeper of Force knowledge forbidden by the Jedi Masters. Intrigued, Luka and the other Jedi agreed to join Kun on a journey to reveal the lost secrets of the Force. They traveled in Kun’s starship, Starstorm One, to the dark side–tainted moon of Yavin 4, and Luka and the others were led to the base of a large temple by Kun. There, Kun revealed his true intentions when he shattered a Sith holocron and released the dark side spirits trapped within, which possessed Luka and the other Jedi Knights. Kun, in reality the Dark Lord of the Sith, commanded Luka and the Jedi team—now subjects of the dark side—to kill their former Masters. Luka tracked Dominus to his home and struck him down after a brief lightsaber duel; however, the dying Dominus mustered enough strength to kill the Vultan Jedi through an exertion of the Force.


Zona Luka

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