Xan Katarr

Jedi Shadow


Age: 22
Species: Miraluka (Blind; Force Sensitive 2; Force Sight (constant).
Height/Weight: 6’, 175lbs (Male)
Hair/Eyes: Black/None
Home Planet: Alpherides
Path: Sith Immortal
Favored Attribute: Intelligence
Xan’s Lightsaber

Xan typically wears his cortosis weave armor although will dress in the finest of fashion when appropriate.

Xan normally moves in a thoughtful manner and is always reading the room. He rarely puts himself in harm’s way but still finds a way to contribute when necessary.
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Xan was a promising young Jedi. Padawan to Dace Diath, he was gifted with many connections and resources. Perhaps Dace was not the best example given his arrogance and need for political gain. This could be the reason Xan ultimately decided to embrace the Dark Side…or perhaps that was always Xan’s destiny.

Whatever the case, Xan has allied himself with others of like mind but diverse talents. The four are still young but quickly growing in power under the tutelage of Exar Kun, the Jedi and others. Yes, Xan is still playing all sides of the conflict and endearing himself to all. He will have to choose at some point but secretly that choice has already been made.

Why not force a resolution? Xan knows that the longer chaos reigns and the more damage is done, the higher up the ladder he will be propelled. So he waits, plots and sabotages plans on all sides.

Xan Katarr

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