Uthar Wynn

Sith Master of the Jedi Necropolis of Korriban


Uthar Wynn was a humanoid male Sith Master and the Headmaster of the Sith Academy on the Sith necropolis Korriban during the Jedi Civil War. Wynn was apprenticed to the Academy’s former Headmaster Jorak Uln, whom he eventually drove out of the Academy, although Wynn did not kill Uln. Wynn then became the Academy’s Headmaster, taking the Twi’lek female Yuthura Ban as his apprentice. In the Jedi Civil War’s final year, the Jedi Padawan Revan—who was the reconditioned, amnesiac former Dark Lord of the Sith—traveled to Korriban in search of the Star Forge, an ancient Rakatan space station under the control of Revan’s former apprentice and the reigning Dark Lord, Darth Malak. Revan gained the approval for entrance into the Academy from Wynn’s apprentice Ban, and the Headmaster assigned Ban as Revan’s teacher.

Wynn awarded Revan by giving him prestige for completing various tasks at the Academy, although the Jedi managed to avoid the dark side’s corruption. After Revan gained enough prestige, Wynn and Ban took the Jedi to the ancient Sith Lord Naga Sadow’s tomb. As part of Revan’s final test, Wynn tasked him with reaching the Rakatan Star Map in the tomb, which Revan was searching for, and retrieving a lightsaber. Wynn ordered Revan to kill Ban after the Jedi found the Star Map and acquired the lightsaber, but Revan sided with the Twi’lek. Wynn attacked both his Sith apprentice and the redeemed Jedi, but was ultimately killed by them.


Uthar Wynn

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