Jedi Teacher of Ossus


Ooroo was a Celegian Jedi Master who acted as an instructor to Jedi students on the planet Ossus for a long time before the Great Hyperspace War in 5,000 BBY. Ooroo’s species breathed a gas, deadly to most life-forms, known as cyanogen, whereas oxygen was deadly to them. This caused the Jedi Master to depend on a crystalline life support chamber for survival on oxygen-rich worlds. Ooroo trained many students during his time as a Jedi instructor, but the Draethos Jedi Knight Odan-Urr was by far the most well known. 5,000 years before the Battle of Yavin, Ooroo sent Odan-Urr to help restore peace to the Koros system, which was ravaged by a series of Unification Wars aimed at uniting the seven planets of the system.

During their separation, Ooroo and his apprentice were plagued by visions of long-forgotten Dark Jedi, as well as the pain and suffering the darksiders would bring the Republic. The Celegian Jedi traveled to Koros to meet with his student. Ooroo was on the planet when the Sith Empire launched their attack on the Republic. He and Odan-Urr led the forces of Teta, the Empress of the system, on Kirrek. Teta’s men were overrun with Massassi warriors, so the ancient Master sacrificed himself to defeat the Sith warriors, shattering his cyanogen tank and sending the fumes into the Massassi’s lungs, killing many of them instantly. He was later known as the Martyr of Kirrek for this selfless act.



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