Darth Uruka

Sith Evoker


Darth Uruka (Ni’eeis Rana)

Age: 24
Species: Female Togruta
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 125lb.
Eyes: Dark Green
Hair: none
Montrals (large hollow horn-like projections) and Head Tails like the Twi’leks
Skin: Dark Red
Language: Togruti and Common
Home Planet: Shili/Ehosiq Sector/Expansion Region
Path: Jedi Consular (Paragon)
Favored Attribute: Intelligence


Ni’eeis left for the Jedi Order when she was three. Her homeworld, Shili, was a wonderful place of peace and prosperity at the time. Her tribe gave her a sense of belonging in its unity and drive. In order to protect themselves from dangerous predators, and to hunt their own prey, Togruta banded together in tribes and relied on their natural pigmentation to disrupt and confuse slow-witted beasts. Togruta work well in large groups, and individualism was seen as abnormal within their culture, although it was also a necessary quality in leaders. Ni’eeis works very well with others and is in constant need of interaction. During her training on Ossus, the council noticed her affinity for the Alter focus of the Force. Derrica Praji, her Master was instrumental in her education, not only with the Force and the Jedi Order, but also with the political structure of the Republic. Ni’eeis rarely uses her lightsaber and relies on her knowledge of the Force for protection, which has made her a little cocky. Her capacity for being tested in her primary focus was unparalleled, and her thirst for knowledge is constant. She strives to expand and fine-tune all its aspects. Her goal in life is to maintain prosperity and expand her knowledge.

Darth Uruka

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