Nayama Bindo

Jedi Knight and wife of Jolee Bindo


Nayama met Jolee Bindo while he was on a mercy mission smuggling supplies to the Ukatis citizenry through a blockade set up by the tyrannical Ukatis King to prevent the Galactic Republic from interfering in Ukatan affairs. She was one of many Ukatis Enforcers working for the regime and she managed to track Jolee’s ship and shoot it down. Jolee was captured and she managed to foil three of his escape attempts while in captivity, eventually he won her over and they fell in love. The two where married, although marriage was frowned upon by many Jedi of the time and was deemed unacceptable for a member of the order. Immediately, Jolee noticed that Nayama was strong in the Force, which is why she was able to shoot him down. Due to this fact Jolee wanted to train her as a Jedi; however, he was still a Padawan at the time and Nayama was considered too old to be trained, so the council naturally denied his request. Jolee ignored the Jedi Council’s wishes and started secretly training her in the ways of the Jedi. However, their happiness was not to last.

The Great Sith War soon to engulfed the galaxy, and Nayama was inspired by the words of the Sith Lord Exar Kun and his desire to create a new Golden Age. Nayama wanted to join him and came pleading to Jolee to abandon what she called “the decrepit trappings of the Jedi” and join her in Kun’s war of conquest. Jolee likewise pleaded with her to reconsider and think about what she would become and what she would be throwing away. In her frustration and failure to convince her husband and mentor to join the Sith, she drew her lightsaber and attempted to strike him down. The battle between husband and wife was long and difficult but eventually Jolee gained the upper hand and defeated her, it was at this moment he realized his wife had fallen to the dark side. At his mercy, Jolee refused to kill the woman he loved and he let her go. She followed many other fallen Jedi of that time, including Oss Wilum, Crado, and Ulic Qel-Droma in their attempt to create a new golden age.

The mistake would come to haunt Jolee for years to come, as he allowed her to join Exar Kun, going on to kill many Jedi during the war until she herself was slain in the final battle on Yavin 4. The Jedi Council decided to put Jolee on trial for his actions by training Nayama against their wishes and for him allowing her to escape his grasp. The Jedi Council would later absolve him of all responsibility, stating mitigating circumstances, and that he deserved compassion and he learned wisdom the hard way for all his actions during the war. The council decided to raise him to full Jedi status.

The decision would come to haunt Jolee because he believed he deserved to be punished and that the Jedi forgave him; however, he could never forgive himself. According to him, that was when the Jedi left him, and that was where they failed him. Filled with sadness for the loss of his wife, he decided to leave the Jedi and head for the uncivilized parts of the galaxy. It was on his way that his ship was damaged in an asteroid field and he ended up in the Shadowlands of Kashyyyk, where he decided to exile himself.


Nayama Bindo

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