Nai'rul Rana-Urr

Ni'eeis' Cloned Son by Odan-Urr


Sex: Male
Hair: None
Eyes: Red
Height: 6’1"
Weight: 185lb.
Species: Togrutan/Draethos Hybrid

Nai’rul has the markings and very distinct look of a Togrutan male, except for his much larger size and purple skin. He also has razor sharp teeth and an extraordinary sense of smell. His body is similarly shaped to a fully grown humanoid male, although he is expected to grow taller. Nai’rul is no novice to combat forms and athletics. He is quite fit and seems always ready for tests of strength, endurance, and various forms of battle. Nai’rul has a bit of a temper with his betters. And he is estranged from his Togrutan mother, although, eager to win her approval with his achievements.


Nai’rul Rana-Urr

Nai’rul was concieved by very unconventional means. His mother, Ni’eeis Rana was passionately in love with the Jedi Master and historian, Odan-Urr. This passionate affair was very short-lived, as Ni’eeis used the Force to concieve Nai’rul. Odan-Urr was a Draethos male, and Ni’eeis Rana is a Togrutan female. The coupling wouldn’t have resulted in pregnancy, without the use of the Force.

Nai’rul was then poisoned in the womb by the mighty Sith Lord Exar Kun, in an attempt to draw Ni’eeis over to the dark side. Ni’eeis fled to the cloners on Camino to investigate the possible deformity of her unborn child. Ni’eeis accepted her childs fate and decided to clone him instead. A growth acceleration hormone was given Nai’rul at birth, aging him ten years in twelve months.

Ni’eeis collected her son and brought him to the Dathomiran Withces to be trained in the gray arts.

Nai’rul’s relationship with his mother is one of constant testing and endurance, and his legendary father’s part in his life remains an intangible mystery.

Nai'rul Rana-Urr

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