Mallik Khiff


Age: 34
Species: Devaronian
Height/Weight: 5’5", 140lbs (Male)
Horns/Eyes: Brown, 5" long/ Black
Home Planet: Devaron
Path: Jedi Guardian (Jedi Ace)
Favored Attribute:
Aurek Class Tactical starfighter for solo flights

Delaya Class Courier for passengers
Delaya courier

medical droid – DOC1
protocol droid – PG13
Astromechs – R11, R12
elite BACTA -


Mallik was one of the few Devaronians to leave the homeworld without being married or having children. Most of his early 20’s were spend careening around the outer rim dodging Republic patrols, going wherever the danger was thickest and the piloting lucrative. One day, Mallik was not so fortunate trying to outrun one such patrol and was captured as an unfortunate hyperdrive malfunction cost him his ship and nearly his life. A wise Jedi Investigator happend to be aboard the Republic Cruiser that captured Mallik. The Jedi sensed a glimmer of the force in Mallik and recognized a potentially great starpilot in the rough. The Jedi successfully convinced Mallik to train in the Jedi arts.

Originally recruited into the Jedi Starfighter Corps to avoid prosecution as an outlaw, Mallik Khiff was soon designated an “ace” after training to become a Jedi Guardian. Earning his wings in the familiar outer rim, Mallik made a name for himself among the Corps as a pilot that was nearly unparalleled in ability. Some say he never blinks and that he pilots barefoot in order to feel the vibrations from his starfighter….

Mallik Khiff

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