Lucien Draay

son of Krynda Draay


Lucien Draay (pronounced /lu:ʃʌn/)6 was a near-Human Jedi Guardian and Jedi Master and a member of the Jedi High Council during the Mandalorian Wars. Regarded as a warrior by his fellow Jedi, Lucien was the son of Barrison Draay, a former financier turned Jedi who was killed during the Great Sith War while Lucien was still very young, and Krynda Draay, who, on the other hand, was concerned with matters of the Jedi Order and due to the difficult birth of Lucien, was unable to serve in the war. As a result, Lucien was left under the care of a droid in the Draay’s large estate.

Growing up, Lucien felt neglected by his mother as she trained seers at the estate, wishing himself to be trained by his mother and become a great warrior like his father before him. He began training in the Jedi arts under the tutelage of Haazen, Krynda’s retainer, after she rejected his pleas for her to train him along with her many students. Some time after his training was completed and he was made a Jedi Master, Krynda and Haazen officially formed the Jedi Covenant and arranged for him and a select group of Masters to be together. However, the Jedi High Council ordered that each be given a Padawan. The Masters hesitantly took the Padawans and trained them at the Jedi Tower on the planet Taris. Lucien was given the Padawan Zayne Carrick to train, though he would neglect his training in favor of concentrating on his mother’s secret organization.

During the final trials of the group’s Padawans, the WatchCircle encountered a vision of their deaths and what they believed to be the return of the Sith. The WatchCircle as a result struck their Padawans down during their Knighting ceremony, save for the late Zayne Carrick. The WatchCircle then framed the killings on Carrick, which resulted in a galaxy-wide chase for the supposed murderer.


Lucien Draay

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