Krynda Draay

Jedi Master, Sage Master, Padawan of Vodo


Krynda Draay, born Krynda Hulis, was a female Near-Human Jedi Master of the pre-Ruusan Old Republic. Born to a Human mother and the Miraluka Jedi Master Noab Hulis, she was apprenticed to Vodo-Siosk Baas and became a Sage Master. She married fellow Jedi Barrison Draay, with whom she had a child, Lucien.

Following the Great Sith War, she left the Jedi Order but eventually went on teaching Jedi for thirty years without the supervision of the Jedi Council.4 She founded the Jedi Covenant, a cabal of Jedi aimed at preventing the return of the Sith at any cost. However, she was exposed to the Jedi Council by a member of one of the Covenant’s Watch Circles, who sought to end the repercussions of the Padawan Massacre of Taris.5


Krynda Draay

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