Haazen, Saber Master

Saber Contact to Bren the Cathar


Haazen was a failed Padawan-turned Sith Acolyte who lived during the time of the Great Sith War and Mandalorian Wars. Alongside his best friend Barrison Draay, whose family Haazen’s own had served as stewards and retainers for generations, Haazen was a student of Jedi Master Arca Jeth and a close friend of Krynda Hulis, Barrison’s future wife.

Though he failed to achieve Knighthood, Haazen continued to serve the Order as a field mortician during the Great Sith War. Eventually, Haazen betrayed the Jedi and participated in a Sith conspiracy that resulted in the death of countless Jedi, including his liege. However, Haazen suffered many injuries in the process. His dark thoughts well hidden, Haazen aided Krynda, now the mother of Barrison’s son in forming her secret organization for the purpose of preventing the return of the Sith, serving her faithfully until he could wrest control of the Covenant from her and set his own plans in motion.

When he finally came close in taking control of the Jedi Order, Haazen was defeated by Lucien and his former Padawan, Zayne Carrick.


Haazen, Saber Master

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