Derrica Praji

Jedi Knight, teacher of "Ni-eeis Rana"


Derrica Praji was a man who was born into the wealthy and influential family House Praji during the time of the Galactic Republic. He joined the Jedi Order and was trained on the planet Ossus by Jedi Master Vandar Tokare, who encouraged Praji to put his allegiance to the Republic above his allegiance to the Prajii.

In 4,225 BBY, Tokare volunteered himself and Praji to travel to the planet Kaikielius and participate in a Republic campaign to rid the planet of criminals. While in Kesipli, the capital city of Kaikielius, Praji discovered a datatape that implicated his great-aunt as having caused the conflict on the planet. Not wanting her to be charged with sedition against the Republic, Praji destroyed the tape and subsequently severed contact with his family. When the conflict ended, he returned to Ossus and was made a Jedi Knight.


Derrica Praji

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