Darth Weevis, apprentice to Mallik Khiff

Sith Initiate and apprentice to Mallik Khiff


Darth Weevis was imprisoned on Tattoine for smuggling a dark side Holocron from Odan Urr. The punishment was 5 years at the Banith penal colony. Such was his hate that when Exar Kun arrived he was “all-in” for a trip to Korriban to learn the true ways of the dark side. He felt honored to be part of the personal guard of Grand Vizier Oss Willum, but when Mallik and the other 3 Sith walked in, he knew his destiny was to travel the stars with the greatest Jedi smuggler ever, Mallik Khiff. Assisting the party in the destruction of Oss Willum, Weevis was taken as apprentice to Mallik Khiff.

He quickly became disillusioned to the teaching methods when his master started requiring a lot of polishing of his unit. This was surely beneath him. When Xan took on a Jedi Padawan, Weevis knew he had indeed made a major mistake in joining the party. He let young Revan do all the work, and then he took credit for it. Things turned ugly for Weevis however. He had underestimated the young Padawan upstart, and once Xan started teaching Revan to use his anger, it was over for Weevis.

Weevis spent more time in the Bacta tank than out of it, left battered and bruised, his relationship with Revan was nothing short of abusive and hostile.

His final error was getting in his master’s unit. When Mallik saw him, he blasted him to bits. This only led to dark Sith experimentations upon Weevis at the hands of his master. Soon, Weevis found a home in space, in pieces.

However, they say aboard the interceptor you can hear strange noises in the ship’s hull at night. Many believe these are the bellowings of Weevis, who now haunts the halls of Mallik’s fine craft…



Darth Weevis, apprentice to Mallik Khiff

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