Dace Diath

Jedi Knight, son of Sidrona Diath, Teacher of Xan Katarr


Dace Diath was a male Human and one of many Jedi Knights who trained under Master Vodo-Siosk Baas. He spent the majority of his early life on Tatooine being taught his initial training by his father, the Jedi Master Sidrona Diath. Upon completion of the training, he traveled to Ossus and became an apprentice to Master Vodo. He would eventually be one of the Jedi sent as reinforcements to help Ulic Qel-Droma during the Freedon Nadd Uprising on Onderon. He later participated in the Convocation at Mount Meru on Deneba and fought against the Krath during the Great Sith War.

He was an experienced and talented pilot, and while on Onderon learned to fly one of the Beast Rider’s war beasts. Dace Diath, along with fellow Jedi Qrrrl Toq and Shoaneb Culu, was killed when Aleema Keto used Sith powers to destroy a star in the Cron Drift. He was an ancestor of Jedi Master Nico Diath and Padawan Tae Diath.


Dace Diath

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