Angel Marina, Vixen of Wrath

Leader of teh Vixens of Wrath


Angel trained under Master Solac Qel-Droma on Ossus, until it was determined during her time as a Padawan that she was to week in the force to become a Jedi Knight. She was expelled from the order and finally made her way to Jolee Bindo to complete her training. Finally, she broke free of Jolee’s fatherlike control and made her way off as a smuggler with Black Sun Capitano Lord Walishka the Falleen. Eventually with much renown she earned her own ship, a junked up battle friggit called “The Vixen”. From there she liberated Escorts, Prostitutes, and Criminals from across the Galaxy and formed the Vixens of Wrath, an all female Smuggling Guild.

Very few know of her jedi past, and she keeps it that way, relying on her weak force powers to infuse her position of strength and authority.

Angel marina the vixen


Angel Marina, Vixen of Wrath

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