Star Wars; Diminished Hope

The Shadow Takes Hold

The session begins with the party finishing their training on Dathomir, and with Darth Krayte. From their they regroup for some much needed R&R on Meridian (Floston’s Paradise), where they are treated to some very “special” Xan Katarr hospitality.

Mallik Khiff receives a secret message to travel to Ansion System for a secret meeting. At the dangerous cantina, the Space Wart, they are met by Biss Chancellor Ulkan who takes them to a private room. Within, a docile protocol droid tries to kill them with a thermal detonator. Bren and Ne’eis catapault the party into space, where lacking oxygen they come under fire from a Stalker class star fighter. Xan and Ne’eis are vaporized. Finally NC17 saves the day in the interceptor. While Xan and Ne’eis recover in the Bacta-Tank, Bren and Mallik discover it is the work of Maris’ Sith hounds, Lord Nova and Lord Morrikain. In a huge battle on the spaceport, the hounds are put down.

With wars erupting all across the Galaxy in a vein attempt to overthrow Exar Kun, the party heads to Korriban to assist Ulic Qel-Droma overthrow Darth Sion at the Sith Temple. However, two double cross maneuvers are attempted as Ulic and his father Solac try to kill our party as they also plot to kill them. In the end, the blades of Bren prove too much for them and down they go.

In a lavish celebration, the party receives their kudos from Chancellor Dace Diath on Coruscant. During this time, Xan Katarr is finally appointed to the Jedi Council. Two other facts come out to the party of great consequence; Nomi Sunrider killed Exar Kun, and Ne’eis is indeed a high priced call girl, sleeping with the good senator from Corellia for $250k.

Bi’Xan and Ni’Rul are given to the Jedi to train as younglings, while Xan agrees to take on an angry and thieving Malak as a Padawan…

Xan then decides to send Revan to Maris Brood with the Shadow Generator so she may finish her super weapon.

The party takes a brief side trip to meet Traya, the Sith Master of Maris Brood. They learn of her Maris’ past and her intention to create the shadow generator to convert the galaxy to the dark side. The first test will be on Malachor V in the heat of the Mandalorian War.

The battle at Malachor is intense, and aboard the Nebula Smasher, the party makes contact with frontline Commander of Republic forces Nihilius. Out of nowhere, Revan appears with the Mass Shadow Generator and converts the planet to the Dark Side. All hope is lost as the atmosphere is left in ruins. The only survivors are those that were in the Geonosian Battle Mechanoids. Amongst them, an enraged and pain-riddled Commander Nihilius. Xan agrees to teach Nihilius to wield his newfound Dark Side abilities.

There aboard the Nebula Smasher, the greatest evil the Galaxy has ever known rises to his feet; Darth Nihilius is born…

Malachor v


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