Star Wars; Diminished Hope

The Downfall of Naga Shadow & the Return of the Republic

The party has interrupted the Council of Shadows, present are Darth Treya, Darth Revan, and Jara’el Kun; present by Holonet: Maris Brood, Darth Nihilus, Darth Sion, and Darth Malak. As the party enters, Xan commands his apprentice Revan to strike down Treya. He lunges across the table, as Treya dashes him with Bolts of Hatred, causing his death blow to only inflict grave, but not lethal harm. Bren quickly steps into action and cuts her down. Meanwhile, Jara’el Kun blasts Darth Uruka with more Force Lightning. Ne’eis is far too powerful for this failed Sith Lord, and simply grabs the lightning in her waiting hand. Ne’eis unloads on Jara’el and smokes her.

Revan then speaks of the Council of Shadows, and that Maris Brood is the voice of the True Sith Master, the Ancient and Powerful Naga Shadow that rules from Secret in his burial chamber on Yavin IV. Revan then orchestrates and attempt to distract and flush out Maris Brood who is currently hiding in the Phu system, and draw in Krynda’s Jedi there. To make a diversion on Yavin, the Vixens of Wrath and the Dreadnaught are brought in. Once war is began, our party travels by the Teleportation gate to Yavin.

Once inside the Temple, it is clear that many factions are at War here; the Republic Forces battle with the army of Darth Nihilus; the Vixens are engaged with the Sith Apprentices, the Krath Droids enter into the free for all. And then Krynda and the Jedi arrive. Our party uses this chaos to sneak into the depths of this Sith Temple built by Exar Kun. So long ago did their journey down the path to the Dark Side begin here, and now they are here to complete that journey by overthrowing the True Master of the Dark Side.

Below in the cavers, there are rotten bodies, and a sense of death and corruption. Xan feels with his mind, only to be overpowered by Naga Shadow and led astray, where Naga attempts to possess the very body of Xan. Xan barely repels him, but knowing the weakness of some of his party, he must hurry to warn them. In an act of defiance, Bren struts away from Mallik and Ne’eis. He then is challenged to a saber duel with Naga Shadow. Before Bren knows what hit him, Naga has taken control of his mind and is directing him like a marionette.

Bren confronts Mallik and Ne’eis, and in a turn of treachery, attacks. Bren’s skill with saber will quickly dispatch the party, fortunately Xan arrives to begin to seperate Bren from his senses, and banish Naga. As the tide turns, Maris Brood enters the fray, causing harm even in her remote form. All appears to be on the edge of destruction until Mallik unleashes everything on Bren, finally taking down the once majestic Cathar.

Ne’eis chases the spirit of Naga, using the Sith Mask to see him, and annihalates the spirit. After finding the burial chamber of Naga and Maris, their is much brain feasting and rejoicing.

Off to Coruscant, Revan has exiled Krynda and the Jedi, allowing Xan to step into that role. Dace Diath and Senator Valleria are gone, Meridian clones replace them. Bizan and Dirath Katarr assume their proper roles. Mallik Khiff is given control of the Star Forge and named Grand Moff of the Republic. Bren is sent off on a Galactic quest to engage and destroy Darth Nihilus, and the Jedi remnants. Ne’eis takes her son to Darth Andeddu to complete his training so he may overthrow Xan.

The Galaxy knows a form of Peace, the Peace of covert control only found under the watchful eye of a ruthless and secretive Sith Lord…

Star wars throne room


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