Star Wars; Diminished Hope

the "Old Sith War" era begins...

The story begins at Exar’s palace in the Teta system where he seems to be having some high level meetings with various shadowy individuals. He then also meets with Jedi Qrrrl Toc and has agreed to turn himself into the Jedi Council.

Its off to Coruscant so Exar Kun and Sidrona Diath can hammer out their differences. Once again, Xan and Dace Diath run the show, with Ne’eis left to swoon over the Cocoa skinned playboy Dace Diath. The meeting with Sidrona and Exar does not go well at all. Afterwards, the party takes Exar to Dantooine and Exar turns himself in, in return the party escorts Duchess Wyssa and Queen Amanoa back to their homeworlds. Exar is taken to the Bithal Prison complex on Tattooine.

Back on Teta, the party escorts Ulic Qel-Droma to the Kaur system in an assault on the Mandalorian race that has returned to the galaxy. After realizing the small forces they have brought are worthless, Bren steps up and takes on Voog the Immortal and destroys him in single challenge. This allows Ulic to challenge Mandalore the Invincible. After some extreme demonstrations of the Dark Side Ulic bests Mandalore and his Basilisk Droid Armor.

The party returns to Teta and Onderon and uses the giant Shrimp craft of the Mandalorians to take over the systems, where Ulic is named Grand Monarch of the Unified Democratic Systems.

Its off to Tattooine where the party travels to the Mos Felis and the Palace of Yulu the Hutt. Mallik uses his smuggler contacts to discern the lay out of the land, and they learn the Jedi Overlord of the Prison, FleePi the Rodian is a scoundrel himself. In an intense desert battle, FleePi and Bren clash, leaving both in ruins. FleePi gives up the access codes, and Exar is free. The party now learns that Exar wanted to arrive here so he could recruit the former Jedi who are held prisoner here. They are sent to Korriban to train at the ancient Sith Temples.

The party then turns Ulic in to the Jedi Council in Dantooine. At this trial, they are asked to speak. When right in the middle of the trial, Exar Kun enters. he arms Ulic, and then slaughters Chancellor Sidrona Diath. He then turns his sights on his former master Voso Siask-Bosk, whom he slaughters. The rest of the Brotherhood of the Sith arrive and destroy the present Jedi.

In a triumphant blow, the Dreadnaught warfleet arrives, laying waste to the Republic starships. The party then travels to the Cron Drift outside of Ossus. In a vast and remarkable use of the Dark Side, Exar detonates the Cron Drift and sends the volatile energies into the star Ossus, destroying the planets of the Ossus system, the Jedi temple, academy, and antiquities hall, as well as Masters Odun Urr, and Oooroo.

War has begun, the Sith arrive again, and the galaxy falls before them…

Cron Drift and OssusCron drift destroying ossus


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