Star Wars; Diminished Hope

preparing for war against dantooine

The party travels with Exar to Coruscant and works over the crowd of Senator’s to garner support for Exar Kun’s “Golden Empire of Prosperity” modeled after the ancient regime of Naga Shadow. In this meeting, the party learns there are “Loyalists” to the Diath Republic, and these Loyalists are lead by Cerean Senator Ik-Dya. Xan contacts Dace Diath and learns the Loyalists and the Jedi of Krynda have made a secret base in the Mytus VII system.

The vote to install Exar’s Empire passes unanimously, and a new Grand Vizier, Oss Willum is named. Oss Willum will be remembered in history for having the shortest rulership on Coruscant ever. Within hours, he summons the Loyalist senators to his chambers to interrogate and execute them. Our party has something else in mind as they assassinate Vizier Willum and his bodyguards, then shuttle the senators to Mytus VII.

On Mytus VII, Xan and Dace reconnect, and Krynda attempts to feel out the pain of Bren. The Loyalists are happy to have these insiders into Exar’s regime. With deep apprehension, Krynda sends them to spy directly on Exar.

It’s off to Yavin IV where Exar has erected a new Temple and a training ground for even more Sith Soldiers. He instructs the party to travel to the Biss System to capture Emperor Hy’Tak and find the ancient Rakata Force Hyperdrive.

On Biss, the party has to haggle with the Emperor before the fishy one decides to head to a special meeting with the “Jedi” on Yavin IV. They then travel deep under the waters to find the burial chambers of Darth Dredd. After a battle with the Esh-Kha named Usha, and his Dekrati Bio-Droids, they find the Holocron schematics.

Once they have them back to Exar, they learn one of them is for an ancient weapon called the Star Forge. With this weapon in hand, Exar is now ready to launch his assault against Dantooine and destroy the last vestiges of Vodo’s and Vandar’s Jedi once and for all…

Mytus VII council meeting…
Loyalist council meeting


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