Star Wars; Diminished Hope

Overtaking the Star Forge

Our party receives some disturbing news as it seems that Chancellor Diath has been kidnapped by Darth Sion and that Jara’el Kun has escaped imprisonment. The party also learns that Revan has formed a group of renegade Jedi, not loyal to Krynda or the Coruscant Jedi, and has lead them to begin a civil war across the Republic.

The party is charged with heading to the Csilla System to investigate the connection between Revan and Maris, and to investigate the supposed conflict happening at the Star Forge, under assault from Darth Krayte and the Sith Empire.

When the party arrives, there is a pitched battle. Revan is still within the Mass Shadow Generator, and fires upon the Star Forge, lowering the shields long enough for our party to enter. Once aboard, they see the full magnitude of the Star Forge as it fires a Time Warper at the Ravager, supposedly rocketing it into the future.

Aboard the vast Star Forge, the cart piloting of Mallik Khiff comes into play again. In a low speed onslaught of the battle station, Mallik Khiff navigates wide hallways and causes severe MCL tears to the soldiers aboard.

Finally, they arrive at the Command Bridge, only to see Maris Brood flanked by some 50 Sith Warlocks. In a flurry of battle, Mallik Khiff goes down, Bren must hack through row after row if enemies, and Ne’eis learns the true meaning of Sith Bukekke. Meanwhile, Xan sits in the throne negotiating the battle field with his mind to assist the movements of his comrades. After much bloodshed, the Warlocks are defeated, only Maris is no where to be found, it seems she has gone ethereal, or transferred her essence somehow.

The party then heads to Geonosis for some repairs and upgrades.

From there it is off to Kuat to negotiate the release of Dace Diath with Darth Sion. After the plan is set in place, Xan has some words with Revan. It seems Revan is making many actions and not consulting his Master.

In a request from Krynda, the party investigates the movements of Jara’el Kun heading to Yavin IV. Here on this strange moon, they find an empty shuttle. Some Sense work by Xan reveals she came here with Darth Nihilus, an odd pairing. Venturing into Exar Kun’s Teleportation gate, they are whisked off to the icy world of H’Raath. Once here they make their way into an isolated structure. They walk in on a meeting between the Masters of the Dark Side, headed by Traya. A meeting of shot callers they were excluded from…

The sith warlocks


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