Star Wars; Diminished Hope

The Coruscant Disaster

The party begins on Ossus after they have become full fledged Jedi Knights. Master Ooroo has asked them to travel to Coruscant to assist Jedi Master Krynda to establish positive relations at the new Jedi Temple. After arrival, Krynda asks the party to travel to an abandoned battle friggit called the Dreadnaught that has entered Coruscant space. Master Ryter gives them the details. With his suped up starship the Interceptor, Mallik Khiff escorts the party aboard the abandoned vessel only to find carnage to droid and Munto Codruians alike. After further investigation, the Jedi find the ships origin and location of the single lost shuttle, as well as suspicions that a Jedi Knight named Crado may be involved. Upon departure, the ship explodes and Mallik barely escapes. The ship breaks into large pieces, falling into the atmosphere of Coruscant and devestating the buildings below, not to mention the shockwaves the rip apart the battle friggits of the Republic Navy.

With Council permission, the Jedi travel to the Kuat ship yards and speak with Commander Kar-Shon who has found the exploded remains of the Dreadnaught escape shuttle. On the surface, the party sees the shuttle did not explode at all was but set to look as though it did. It has landed near a Sith Temple. Upon activating the door, strange new-model droids open fire, attack with vibro-pikes, and one even wields a light saber. The battle is fierce, and the Jedi sustain heavy damage. There is no time, they make haste within only to see a shuttle leaving a space port at edge of Darth Drekkis’ burial alter. Mallik takes off after the ship while Xan and Bren discover 2 Holocrons of Drekkis’ teachings have been stolen. With a succesful flurry Mallik disables the other ships stabilizer engines and it careens into the valley. A badly wounded Jedi Knight, Crado exits speaking of “passing the test”. The Jedi are dubious, and so call for help. Jedi Master Exar Kun comes and arrests Crado to take him before the council.

The party arrives back on Ossus and debriefs the Jedi Council. Master Vodo declares that Crado learned from a Darth Andreddus, and they must travel to Zenoma Selot to discover the origins of this mysterious figure and what actually transpired behind the terrorist strike on Coruscant…

Dreadnught exploding


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