Star Wars; Diminished Hope

Execution and Mystery

The party heads out from Ossus to the Yuuzhan-Vong world of Zenoma Sekot and hires Gray Jedi Jolee Bindo to guide them to Darth Andeddu. After nearly being eaten by a huge and terrible Ruthka beast, Xan joins the party again and they meet Darth Andeddu and his apprentice. Determining that indeed Crado came only to learn, and that Andeddu was not the mastermind of the Coruscant Disaster, they moved on.

Travelling to Munto Codru, the party learns a terrible truth; a huge fleet of Dreadnaughts has been commissioned by Crado and his Master Exar Kun. The Jedi return to the council on Dantooine to report their findings. A grave mood hits the council as it seems another of Master Vodo’s Padawans has turned to the Dark Side. In an attempt to satisfy the needs of the Galactic Republic, Crado is to be sent to Coruscant to be tried by the Magistrate.

The party escorts Crado to the trial, and after he is found guilty, Xan Katarr executes Crado by saber on live Holonet. Afterwards, Chancellor Sidrona and his son Dace throw a suare’ for the Jedi to thank them for solving the mystery. Xan then reveals to Sidrona that Exar is also responsible, causing some stir but more truths are revealed.

The party then assists Sholla, Mallik’s Jedi Instructor, in the Empress Teta system, with the strange Krath Droids. With the capture of Duchess Wyssa, the Krath Rebellion seems to be over.

Now the party must venture to Onderon to assist Sylvar and Ulic Qel-Doran in the capture of Exar Kun…

Munto Codru Ship Yards
Munto codro ship yards


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