Star Wars; Diminished Hope

The Republic Strikes Back

The party begins by attending the meeting with the Jedi Loyalists. It is decided that Xan Katarr will speak to them. After Master Feln and Xamar, along with 10 other Jedi, make their presence known, along with the plan of Dace Diath to arrive to reclaim Coruscant, our group does its best to play both sides.

Exar Kun enters and begins murdering the Jedi, our party also unleashes hell on them. In the end, Master Xamar and 3 Jedi are led off to Korriban to train as Sith under the ruthless Darth Sion. Xan however urges Exar to immediately dispatch to Mytus VII to strike at Krynda Draay and the Jedi, just in time for Dace Diath to come in and win Coruscant. In a triumphant blow, Dace captures Jarael Kun and captures the Senators in Kun’s pocket, as well as dispatching Black Sun. On the Holonet he declares galactic victory.

Our party then travels to the Csilla system, where they see a fully functional and operational Star Forge, along with over 100,00 battleships ready for war. It is here that our party meets Exar Kun’s master, Marris Brood. Our party however misinterprets her intentions for Galactic Rulership. Her goals are far more sinister and devious which they will soon learn. She leverages them into retrieving the Shadow Generator for her, and for insurance she sends Darth Morrikain, and Lord Nova to follow them.

The party also gathers Xan’s clone, and Ne’eis’ son from Kaminoa.

Revan completes his tests and is now a Jedi Knight, and Xan charges him with training his clone.

The party makes its way to Dantooine and confronts Master Vandar once and for all. In a titanic battle, its all Bren could do to hold his own against the Blue Devil. In the end, with help from everyone, Vandar falls, along with Hooche and Suk-Yao. With the Shadow Generator in hand, the party decides to hide on Dathomir as a plan to escape the minions of Marris Brood.

Halfway across the Galaxy however, they feel a call for help. Exar Kun is in trouble…


lordbaccus lordbaccus

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