Star Wars; Diminished Hope

Coruscant, meeting with Loyalist Alliance Jedi

“It is time for war, Dantooine will meet its end. The destruction of the Jedi is imminent,” so says Exar Kun from his dark temple on Yavin IV.

The strategy for war is laid out by Commander Zona Luka. Unfortunately what they did not plan on was the betrayel by our party. Xan tipped off Master Vandar, and with that the forces of the Golden Fleet fly right into a trap. With the Anti-Orbitall batteries still operational, the Golden Fleet sits like sitting ducks. It also appears as though Ulic Qel-Droma was assisting the Jedi, an odd turn.

Our party then heads to the lock-up cells to release Darth Stryfe and the Dathomir witches.

Before departing, they have their way with the great Ugnaught Jedi Master Soho.

The party then heads back to the Dreadnaught Flagship and goes to war with Zona Luke, apprentice to Exar Kun, as well as her Sith Legion Guards. After a devestating flourish of lightning, the party bounces back and takes over the ship. With some dark Mechu Deru, the party constructs AD187 to take over the ship. They then hide the ship in the Degobah System.

Using Mileena, the party makes contact with the Vixens of Wrath, and makes a deal to give them the Dreadnaught so they may counter Black Sun, and give the party a place of protected respite. The Vixens offer the comfort and joys that only hot females with loose morals can provide.

From there they head to Zenoma Sekot to gather Nayame Bindo. Her husband Jolee will not let her leave, due to her old tryst with Exar Kun. The Bindo’s attempt escape, only to get a face full of Bren with flashing sabers on their speeder.

They also learn of Exar’s plan to install Jarael Kun, his wife, as the Grand Minister of the Golden Empire.

Back on Coruscant, Xan deals with Jarael, and learns of her intentions with the Empire. Exar arrives, and plans are set in motion to meet with the Jedi Loyalists who have come to speak with Exar Kun to turn him to reason…

Dantooine war


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