Star Wars; Diminished Hope


The party begins on Dantooine reporting to the Jedi Council about events regarding the trip to Teta and Exar Kun. They are then sent on a mission to Onderon to meet with Jedi Master Arca Jeth and the Qel-Droma brothers, in efforts to find and bring Exar Kun back to the fold. The party agrees to help assist Master Jeth in the capture of Queen Amanoa after she assassianted her mother.

With some fast wits and undercover work, the party makes their way to the Queen disguised as chamber servants during one of her parties. Bren strikes first, launching vollies at the Krath Saber droids. After nearly getting cut down, Ne’eiss shows her grasp over the Force and uses a variety of powers to assault the droids. Xan uses his mental prowess to trick the Queen into thinking he means only for her safety, and after checking the Latrine clog, Mallik secures an escape speeder, and off the party goes with the Queen in tow.

They then tame some large sky raptors and fly to the low-orbiting moon of Dxun, to the Temple of the defeated Freedon Nadd. Here they see Exar’s craft, and within, find the wraiths of fallen Sith waiting to feed on the Force. Finally in the depths of the Temple, they see Exar in the rise with the spirit of Freedon watching, and suspended in a Dark Force web, Cathar and Jedi Knight Sylver.

Exar then speaks to the party of the weakness of the Jedi, the failure of Master Vodo, and the end of the Republic. He speaks of Force Warriors and a Galactic Empire. As a test of worthiness, the party is asked to hack down Sylvar. Xan and Bren step up, while Ne’eiss and Mallik fall back. Sylvar slaughters Bren, and then Xan and Sylvar kill each other. Exar ressurects Bren with dark arts, and teaches Mallik a weaker form of this power. The party is on tow to the will of Exar, though he spins and weaves machinations around them.

Off to Munto Codru to inspect the space fleet again, the party contacts various persons of importance to them. Isolated and alone, Ne’eiss feels the full strength of Exar’s machinations as he torments her and her unborn egg. In a moment of weakness, Ne’eiss seeks guidance from Odan Urr, and at the revelation of fatherhood, he seems most displeased.

After fleet inspection, the party makes their way to Ossus to steal the Sith Holocrons. Ne’eiss seduces Odan Urr again, and when he is in the shower she uses a handy hov-cart to take off with the Holocrons.

Now the party prepares as Exar Kun and supreme Chancellor Sidrona Diath will face each other in a meeting that will define the future for the galaxy…

Freedon Nadd teaches Exar Kun the darker side of the Force
Freedon and exar


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