Star Wars; Diminished Hope

The Downfall of Naga Shadow & the Return of the Republic

The party has interrupted the Council of Shadows, present are Darth Treya, Darth Revan, and Jara’el Kun; present by Holonet: Maris Brood, Darth Nihilus, Darth Sion, and Darth Malak. As the party enters, Xan commands his apprentice Revan to strike down Treya. He lunges across the table, as Treya dashes him with Bolts of Hatred, causing his death blow to only inflict grave, but not lethal harm. Bren quickly steps into action and cuts her down. Meanwhile, Jara’el Kun blasts Darth Uruka with more Force Lightning. Ne’eis is far too powerful for this failed Sith Lord, and simply grabs the lightning in her waiting hand. Ne’eis unloads on Jara’el and smokes her.

Revan then speaks of the Council of Shadows, and that Maris Brood is the voice of the True Sith Master, the Ancient and Powerful Naga Shadow that rules from Secret in his burial chamber on Yavin IV. Revan then orchestrates and attempt to distract and flush out Maris Brood who is currently hiding in the Phu system, and draw in Krynda’s Jedi there. To make a diversion on Yavin, the Vixens of Wrath and the Dreadnaught are brought in. Once war is began, our party travels by the Teleportation gate to Yavin.

Once inside the Temple, it is clear that many factions are at War here; the Republic Forces battle with the army of Darth Nihilus; the Vixens are engaged with the Sith Apprentices, the Krath Droids enter into the free for all. And then Krynda and the Jedi arrive. Our party uses this chaos to sneak into the depths of this Sith Temple built by Exar Kun. So long ago did their journey down the path to the Dark Side begin here, and now they are here to complete that journey by overthrowing the True Master of the Dark Side.

Below in the cavers, there are rotten bodies, and a sense of death and corruption. Xan feels with his mind, only to be overpowered by Naga Shadow and led astray, where Naga attempts to possess the very body of Xan. Xan barely repels him, but knowing the weakness of some of his party, he must hurry to warn them. In an act of defiance, Bren struts away from Mallik and Ne’eis. He then is challenged to a saber duel with Naga Shadow. Before Bren knows what hit him, Naga has taken control of his mind and is directing him like a marionette.

Bren confronts Mallik and Ne’eis, and in a turn of treachery, attacks. Bren’s skill with saber will quickly dispatch the party, fortunately Xan arrives to begin to seperate Bren from his senses, and banish Naga. As the tide turns, Maris Brood enters the fray, causing harm even in her remote form. All appears to be on the edge of destruction until Mallik unleashes everything on Bren, finally taking down the once majestic Cathar.

Ne’eis chases the spirit of Naga, using the Sith Mask to see him, and annihalates the spirit. After finding the burial chamber of Naga and Maris, their is much brain feasting and rejoicing.

Off to Coruscant, Revan has exiled Krynda and the Jedi, allowing Xan to step into that role. Dace Diath and Senator Valleria are gone, Meridian clones replace them. Bizan and Dirath Katarr assume their proper roles. Mallik Khiff is given control of the Star Forge and named Grand Moff of the Republic. Bren is sent off on a Galactic quest to engage and destroy Darth Nihilus, and the Jedi remnants. Ne’eis takes her son to Darth Andeddu to complete his training so he may overthrow Xan.

The Galaxy knows a form of Peace, the Peace of covert control only found under the watchful eye of a ruthless and secretive Sith Lord…

Star wars throne room

Overtaking the Star Forge

Our party receives some disturbing news as it seems that Chancellor Diath has been kidnapped by Darth Sion and that Jara’el Kun has escaped imprisonment. The party also learns that Revan has formed a group of renegade Jedi, not loyal to Krynda or the Coruscant Jedi, and has lead them to begin a civil war across the Republic.

The party is charged with heading to the Csilla System to investigate the connection between Revan and Maris, and to investigate the supposed conflict happening at the Star Forge, under assault from Darth Krayte and the Sith Empire.

When the party arrives, there is a pitched battle. Revan is still within the Mass Shadow Generator, and fires upon the Star Forge, lowering the shields long enough for our party to enter. Once aboard, they see the full magnitude of the Star Forge as it fires a Time Warper at the Ravager, supposedly rocketing it into the future.

Aboard the vast Star Forge, the cart piloting of Mallik Khiff comes into play again. In a low speed onslaught of the battle station, Mallik Khiff navigates wide hallways and causes severe MCL tears to the soldiers aboard.

Finally, they arrive at the Command Bridge, only to see Maris Brood flanked by some 50 Sith Warlocks. In a flurry of battle, Mallik Khiff goes down, Bren must hack through row after row if enemies, and Ne’eis learns the true meaning of Sith Bukekke. Meanwhile, Xan sits in the throne negotiating the battle field with his mind to assist the movements of his comrades. After much bloodshed, the Warlocks are defeated, only Maris is no where to be found, it seems she has gone ethereal, or transferred her essence somehow.

The party then heads to Geonosis for some repairs and upgrades.

From there it is off to Kuat to negotiate the release of Dace Diath with Darth Sion. After the plan is set in place, Xan has some words with Revan. It seems Revan is making many actions and not consulting his Master.

In a request from Krynda, the party investigates the movements of Jara’el Kun heading to Yavin IV. Here on this strange moon, they find an empty shuttle. Some Sense work by Xan reveals she came here with Darth Nihilus, an odd pairing. Venturing into Exar Kun’s Teleportation gate, they are whisked off to the icy world of H’Raath. Once here they make their way into an isolated structure. They walk in on a meeting between the Masters of the Dark Side, headed by Traya. A meeting of shot callers they were excluded from…

The sith warlocks

The Shadow Takes Hold

The session begins with the party finishing their training on Dathomir, and with Darth Krayte. From their they regroup for some much needed R&R on Meridian (Floston’s Paradise), where they are treated to some very “special” Xan Katarr hospitality.

Mallik Khiff receives a secret message to travel to Ansion System for a secret meeting. At the dangerous cantina, the Space Wart, they are met by Biss Chancellor Ulkan who takes them to a private room. Within, a docile protocol droid tries to kill them with a thermal detonator. Bren and Ne’eis catapault the party into space, where lacking oxygen they come under fire from a Stalker class star fighter. Xan and Ne’eis are vaporized. Finally NC17 saves the day in the interceptor. While Xan and Ne’eis recover in the Bacta-Tank, Bren and Mallik discover it is the work of Maris’ Sith hounds, Lord Nova and Lord Morrikain. In a huge battle on the spaceport, the hounds are put down.

With wars erupting all across the Galaxy in a vein attempt to overthrow Exar Kun, the party heads to Korriban to assist Ulic Qel-Droma overthrow Darth Sion at the Sith Temple. However, two double cross maneuvers are attempted as Ulic and his father Solac try to kill our party as they also plot to kill them. In the end, the blades of Bren prove too much for them and down they go.

In a lavish celebration, the party receives their kudos from Chancellor Dace Diath on Coruscant. During this time, Xan Katarr is finally appointed to the Jedi Council. Two other facts come out to the party of great consequence; Nomi Sunrider killed Exar Kun, and Ne’eis is indeed a high priced call girl, sleeping with the good senator from Corellia for $250k.

Bi’Xan and Ni’Rul are given to the Jedi to train as younglings, while Xan agrees to take on an angry and thieving Malak as a Padawan…

Xan then decides to send Revan to Maris Brood with the Shadow Generator so she may finish her super weapon.

The party takes a brief side trip to meet Traya, the Sith Master of Maris Brood. They learn of her Maris’ past and her intention to create the shadow generator to convert the galaxy to the dark side. The first test will be on Malachor V in the heat of the Mandalorian War.

The battle at Malachor is intense, and aboard the Nebula Smasher, the party makes contact with frontline Commander of Republic forces Nihilius. Out of nowhere, Revan appears with the Mass Shadow Generator and converts the planet to the Dark Side. All hope is lost as the atmosphere is left in ruins. The only survivors are those that were in the Geonosian Battle Mechanoids. Amongst them, an enraged and pain-riddled Commander Nihilius. Xan agrees to teach Nihilius to wield his newfound Dark Side abilities.

There aboard the Nebula Smasher, the greatest evil the Galaxy has ever known rises to his feet; Darth Nihilius is born…

Malachor v

The Republic Strikes Back

The party begins by attending the meeting with the Jedi Loyalists. It is decided that Xan Katarr will speak to them. After Master Feln and Xamar, along with 10 other Jedi, make their presence known, along with the plan of Dace Diath to arrive to reclaim Coruscant, our group does its best to play both sides.

Exar Kun enters and begins murdering the Jedi, our party also unleashes hell on them. In the end, Master Xamar and 3 Jedi are led off to Korriban to train as Sith under the ruthless Darth Sion. Xan however urges Exar to immediately dispatch to Mytus VII to strike at Krynda Draay and the Jedi, just in time for Dace Diath to come in and win Coruscant. In a triumphant blow, Dace captures Jarael Kun and captures the Senators in Kun’s pocket, as well as dispatching Black Sun. On the Holonet he declares galactic victory.

Our party then travels to the Csilla system, where they see a fully functional and operational Star Forge, along with over 100,00 battleships ready for war. It is here that our party meets Exar Kun’s master, Marris Brood. Our party however misinterprets her intentions for Galactic Rulership. Her goals are far more sinister and devious which they will soon learn. She leverages them into retrieving the Shadow Generator for her, and for insurance she sends Darth Morrikain, and Lord Nova to follow them.

The party also gathers Xan’s clone, and Ne’eis’ son from Kaminoa.

Revan completes his tests and is now a Jedi Knight, and Xan charges him with training his clone.

The party makes its way to Dantooine and confronts Master Vandar once and for all. In a titanic battle, its all Bren could do to hold his own against the Blue Devil. In the end, with help from everyone, Vandar falls, along with Hooche and Suk-Yao. With the Shadow Generator in hand, the party decides to hide on Dathomir as a plan to escape the minions of Marris Brood.

Halfway across the Galaxy however, they feel a call for help. Exar Kun is in trouble…

Coruscant, meeting with Loyalist Alliance Jedi

“It is time for war, Dantooine will meet its end. The destruction of the Jedi is imminent,” so says Exar Kun from his dark temple on Yavin IV.

The strategy for war is laid out by Commander Zona Luka. Unfortunately what they did not plan on was the betrayel by our party. Xan tipped off Master Vandar, and with that the forces of the Golden Fleet fly right into a trap. With the Anti-Orbitall batteries still operational, the Golden Fleet sits like sitting ducks. It also appears as though Ulic Qel-Droma was assisting the Jedi, an odd turn.

Our party then heads to the lock-up cells to release Darth Stryfe and the Dathomir witches.

Before departing, they have their way with the great Ugnaught Jedi Master Soho.

The party then heads back to the Dreadnaught Flagship and goes to war with Zona Luke, apprentice to Exar Kun, as well as her Sith Legion Guards. After a devestating flourish of lightning, the party bounces back and takes over the ship. With some dark Mechu Deru, the party constructs AD187 to take over the ship. They then hide the ship in the Degobah System.

Using Mileena, the party makes contact with the Vixens of Wrath, and makes a deal to give them the Dreadnaught so they may counter Black Sun, and give the party a place of protected respite. The Vixens offer the comfort and joys that only hot females with loose morals can provide.

From there they head to Zenoma Sekot to gather Nayame Bindo. Her husband Jolee will not let her leave, due to her old tryst with Exar Kun. The Bindo’s attempt escape, only to get a face full of Bren with flashing sabers on their speeder.

They also learn of Exar’s plan to install Jarael Kun, his wife, as the Grand Minister of the Golden Empire.

Back on Coruscant, Xan deals with Jarael, and learns of her intentions with the Empire. Exar arrives, and plans are set in motion to meet with the Jedi Loyalists who have come to speak with Exar Kun to turn him to reason…

Dantooine war

preparing for war against dantooine

The party travels with Exar to Coruscant and works over the crowd of Senator’s to garner support for Exar Kun’s “Golden Empire of Prosperity” modeled after the ancient regime of Naga Shadow. In this meeting, the party learns there are “Loyalists” to the Diath Republic, and these Loyalists are lead by Cerean Senator Ik-Dya. Xan contacts Dace Diath and learns the Loyalists and the Jedi of Krynda have made a secret base in the Mytus VII system.

The vote to install Exar’s Empire passes unanimously, and a new Grand Vizier, Oss Willum is named. Oss Willum will be remembered in history for having the shortest rulership on Coruscant ever. Within hours, he summons the Loyalist senators to his chambers to interrogate and execute them. Our party has something else in mind as they assassinate Vizier Willum and his bodyguards, then shuttle the senators to Mytus VII.

On Mytus VII, Xan and Dace reconnect, and Krynda attempts to feel out the pain of Bren. The Loyalists are happy to have these insiders into Exar’s regime. With deep apprehension, Krynda sends them to spy directly on Exar.

It’s off to Yavin IV where Exar has erected a new Temple and a training ground for even more Sith Soldiers. He instructs the party to travel to the Biss System to capture Emperor Hy’Tak and find the ancient Rakata Force Hyperdrive.

On Biss, the party has to haggle with the Emperor before the fishy one decides to head to a special meeting with the “Jedi” on Yavin IV. They then travel deep under the waters to find the burial chambers of Darth Dredd. After a battle with the Esh-Kha named Usha, and his Dekrati Bio-Droids, they find the Holocron schematics.

Once they have them back to Exar, they learn one of them is for an ancient weapon called the Star Forge. With this weapon in hand, Exar is now ready to launch his assault against Dantooine and destroy the last vestiges of Vodo’s and Vandar’s Jedi once and for all…

Mytus VII council meeting…
Loyalist council meeting

the "Old Sith War" era begins...

The story begins at Exar’s palace in the Teta system where he seems to be having some high level meetings with various shadowy individuals. He then also meets with Jedi Qrrrl Toc and has agreed to turn himself into the Jedi Council.

Its off to Coruscant so Exar Kun and Sidrona Diath can hammer out their differences. Once again, Xan and Dace Diath run the show, with Ne’eis left to swoon over the Cocoa skinned playboy Dace Diath. The meeting with Sidrona and Exar does not go well at all. Afterwards, the party takes Exar to Dantooine and Exar turns himself in, in return the party escorts Duchess Wyssa and Queen Amanoa back to their homeworlds. Exar is taken to the Bithal Prison complex on Tattooine.

Back on Teta, the party escorts Ulic Qel-Droma to the Kaur system in an assault on the Mandalorian race that has returned to the galaxy. After realizing the small forces they have brought are worthless, Bren steps up and takes on Voog the Immortal and destroys him in single challenge. This allows Ulic to challenge Mandalore the Invincible. After some extreme demonstrations of the Dark Side Ulic bests Mandalore and his Basilisk Droid Armor.

The party returns to Teta and Onderon and uses the giant Shrimp craft of the Mandalorians to take over the systems, where Ulic is named Grand Monarch of the Unified Democratic Systems.

Its off to Tattooine where the party travels to the Mos Felis and the Palace of Yulu the Hutt. Mallik uses his smuggler contacts to discern the lay out of the land, and they learn the Jedi Overlord of the Prison, FleePi the Rodian is a scoundrel himself. In an intense desert battle, FleePi and Bren clash, leaving both in ruins. FleePi gives up the access codes, and Exar is free. The party now learns that Exar wanted to arrive here so he could recruit the former Jedi who are held prisoner here. They are sent to Korriban to train at the ancient Sith Temples.

The party then turns Ulic in to the Jedi Council in Dantooine. At this trial, they are asked to speak. When right in the middle of the trial, Exar Kun enters. he arms Ulic, and then slaughters Chancellor Sidrona Diath. He then turns his sights on his former master Voso Siask-Bosk, whom he slaughters. The rest of the Brotherhood of the Sith arrive and destroy the present Jedi.

In a triumphant blow, the Dreadnaught warfleet arrives, laying waste to the Republic starships. The party then travels to the Cron Drift outside of Ossus. In a vast and remarkable use of the Dark Side, Exar detonates the Cron Drift and sends the volatile energies into the star Ossus, destroying the planets of the Ossus system, the Jedi temple, academy, and antiquities hall, as well as Masters Odun Urr, and Oooroo.

War has begun, the Sith arrive again, and the galaxy falls before them…

Cron Drift and OssusCron drift destroying ossus


The party begins on Dantooine reporting to the Jedi Council about events regarding the trip to Teta and Exar Kun. They are then sent on a mission to Onderon to meet with Jedi Master Arca Jeth and the Qel-Droma brothers, in efforts to find and bring Exar Kun back to the fold. The party agrees to help assist Master Jeth in the capture of Queen Amanoa after she assassianted her mother.

With some fast wits and undercover work, the party makes their way to the Queen disguised as chamber servants during one of her parties. Bren strikes first, launching vollies at the Krath Saber droids. After nearly getting cut down, Ne’eiss shows her grasp over the Force and uses a variety of powers to assault the droids. Xan uses his mental prowess to trick the Queen into thinking he means only for her safety, and after checking the Latrine clog, Mallik secures an escape speeder, and off the party goes with the Queen in tow.

They then tame some large sky raptors and fly to the low-orbiting moon of Dxun, to the Temple of the defeated Freedon Nadd. Here they see Exar’s craft, and within, find the wraiths of fallen Sith waiting to feed on the Force. Finally in the depths of the Temple, they see Exar in the rise with the spirit of Freedon watching, and suspended in a Dark Force web, Cathar and Jedi Knight Sylver.

Exar then speaks to the party of the weakness of the Jedi, the failure of Master Vodo, and the end of the Republic. He speaks of Force Warriors and a Galactic Empire. As a test of worthiness, the party is asked to hack down Sylvar. Xan and Bren step up, while Ne’eiss and Mallik fall back. Sylvar slaughters Bren, and then Xan and Sylvar kill each other. Exar ressurects Bren with dark arts, and teaches Mallik a weaker form of this power. The party is on tow to the will of Exar, though he spins and weaves machinations around them.

Off to Munto Codru to inspect the space fleet again, the party contacts various persons of importance to them. Isolated and alone, Ne’eiss feels the full strength of Exar’s machinations as he torments her and her unborn egg. In a moment of weakness, Ne’eiss seeks guidance from Odan Urr, and at the revelation of fatherhood, he seems most displeased.

After fleet inspection, the party makes their way to Ossus to steal the Sith Holocrons. Ne’eiss seduces Odan Urr again, and when he is in the shower she uses a handy hov-cart to take off with the Holocrons.

Now the party prepares as Exar Kun and supreme Chancellor Sidrona Diath will face each other in a meeting that will define the future for the galaxy…

Freedon Nadd teaches Exar Kun the darker side of the Force
Freedon and exar

Execution and Mystery

The party heads out from Ossus to the Yuuzhan-Vong world of Zenoma Sekot and hires Gray Jedi Jolee Bindo to guide them to Darth Andeddu. After nearly being eaten by a huge and terrible Ruthka beast, Xan joins the party again and they meet Darth Andeddu and his apprentice. Determining that indeed Crado came only to learn, and that Andeddu was not the mastermind of the Coruscant Disaster, they moved on.

Travelling to Munto Codru, the party learns a terrible truth; a huge fleet of Dreadnaughts has been commissioned by Crado and his Master Exar Kun. The Jedi return to the council on Dantooine to report their findings. A grave mood hits the council as it seems another of Master Vodo’s Padawans has turned to the Dark Side. In an attempt to satisfy the needs of the Galactic Republic, Crado is to be sent to Coruscant to be tried by the Magistrate.

The party escorts Crado to the trial, and after he is found guilty, Xan Katarr executes Crado by saber on live Holonet. Afterwards, Chancellor Sidrona and his son Dace throw a suare’ for the Jedi to thank them for solving the mystery. Xan then reveals to Sidrona that Exar is also responsible, causing some stir but more truths are revealed.

The party then assists Sholla, Mallik’s Jedi Instructor, in the Empress Teta system, with the strange Krath Droids. With the capture of Duchess Wyssa, the Krath Rebellion seems to be over.

Now the party must venture to Onderon to assist Sylvar and Ulic Qel-Doran in the capture of Exar Kun…

Munto Codru Ship Yards
Munto codro ship yards

The Coruscant Disaster

The party begins on Ossus after they have become full fledged Jedi Knights. Master Ooroo has asked them to travel to Coruscant to assist Jedi Master Krynda to establish positive relations at the new Jedi Temple. After arrival, Krynda asks the party to travel to an abandoned battle friggit called the Dreadnaught that has entered Coruscant space. Master Ryter gives them the details. With his suped up starship the Interceptor, Mallik Khiff escorts the party aboard the abandoned vessel only to find carnage to droid and Munto Codruians alike. After further investigation, the Jedi find the ships origin and location of the single lost shuttle, as well as suspicions that a Jedi Knight named Crado may be involved. Upon departure, the ship explodes and Mallik barely escapes. The ship breaks into large pieces, falling into the atmosphere of Coruscant and devestating the buildings below, not to mention the shockwaves the rip apart the battle friggits of the Republic Navy.

With Council permission, the Jedi travel to the Kuat ship yards and speak with Commander Kar-Shon who has found the exploded remains of the Dreadnaught escape shuttle. On the surface, the party sees the shuttle did not explode at all was but set to look as though it did. It has landed near a Sith Temple. Upon activating the door, strange new-model droids open fire, attack with vibro-pikes, and one even wields a light saber. The battle is fierce, and the Jedi sustain heavy damage. There is no time, they make haste within only to see a shuttle leaving a space port at edge of Darth Drekkis’ burial alter. Mallik takes off after the ship while Xan and Bren discover 2 Holocrons of Drekkis’ teachings have been stolen. With a succesful flurry Mallik disables the other ships stabilizer engines and it careens into the valley. A badly wounded Jedi Knight, Crado exits speaking of “passing the test”. The Jedi are dubious, and so call for help. Jedi Master Exar Kun comes and arrests Crado to take him before the council.

The party arrives back on Ossus and debriefs the Jedi Council. Master Vodo declares that Crado learned from a Darth Andreddus, and they must travel to Zenoma Selot to discover the origins of this mysterious figure and what actually transpired behind the terrorist strike on Coruscant…

Dreadnught exploding


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